Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Somnio Closeout! Great prices!

Somnio Footwear

I know that many of you have become Somnio
fans since we have been carrying them,
including me! But it appears that they are
struggling big time! 

I placed an order several months ago and
have not been able to receive any shoes. I placed several phone calls and
sent many emails but have had absolutely no response. I took a drive to
 their headquarters and it  was vacant. I reached a previous sales rep and
was told that they got rid of all of their sales reps. I talked with several other
dealers, and they are having the same delivery problems as I am having.

I finally called their sales line and reached a real person and said “I want
to talk to someone about dealer sales.” The response I received was
“We no longer have any dealers. The shoes are only sold online.” Hmm...
I could have sworn that I was a dealer! Why was I not notified that I was
no longer a dealer? Not a way that I would do business… but we all
have a different view of integrity. Be very, very careful if you order them
online. They may never get delivered. If by some chance, you do get them
from the online store, we will fit them for a fee.

So, we will be closing out all Somnio’s at $99.95 until all are gone. It is
very sad since they are great shoes with great technology. Unfortunately,
the company's ethics do not match up to the technology…

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