Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The OeTZI3300 has arrived!

The OeTZI3300 is a very unique shoe made with oiled suedes or canvas with a breathable yet stretch sock liner and a cork footbed designed for comfor that gradually molds to the individual footscape. They also contain a gel insert in the heel for impact reduction with every step. The antimicrobial cork foootbed combined with the soft sued or canvas upper provides an unparalleled walking experience!
OeTZI3300 takes you on a journey back in time to a prehistoric man called "Oetzi" who has been carbon dated to 3300 B.C. His mummified body, unveiled from his frozen state by global warming was wearing nothing more than the basic essentials he needed for survival - gear for protection and warmth, as well as a unique pair of shoes.

Inspired by the simple yet functional design of Oetzi's shoes, OeTZI3300 needed to be environmentally responsible and promote the art of well being. They are remastering the essentials from the past in a fresh and relevant way. They use no glues in their shoes and are also a part of a project that is working to provide financial assistance to the Arthritis foundation, since Oetzi's body showed signs of arthritis.

We are currently carrying the classic suede and the black/white canvas styles. A truly remarkable shoe at a great price, I am sure you will love how they feel on your feet!

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